Success Assessment

To be successful sometimes requires you to be realistic.  As a creative individual, sometimes, it helps to get a cold assessment of your business opportunity.

This can either keep you out of business failure or help you adjust your plan to make the overall business work.

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Business Plans

Getting capital for your great business usually requires a written business plan.  For many with very creative business ideas, this is a daunting and often painful task.

We LOVE to do this.  Quantifying the un-quantifiable  is what we like to do best.

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Being Your Partner

Our expectations are that you and our team will enter a long-term relationship.  We will be with you when you make the hard decisions.  We expect to be an important member of your team.

As such, we want to be compensated only if you succeed.  This makes the engagement of our team affordable because it is a sweat-equity proposition.  It also insures that we will work to make your business successful.

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Since 1993


You have lots of options available to help you create and run a business.  Only one in ten succeed.

  1. Make the plan yourself.  A daunting task, and without help, is often too optimistic.
  2. Hire a Big Ten consulting firm.  This is usually a heavy up-front cost with little to no ongoing support and no incentives to give you a successful outcome.
  3. Hire a consultant.  See #2
  4. Hire us.  Realistic, supportive, incentivized.

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