Success Assessment

A one to two hour question and answer session where we get to know you and your business.  We then assess strengths and weaknesses and work with you to identify areas to strengthen and how to go about doing that.

Business Plan

Business Plans are the bane of any creative business maker.  Our job is to work next to you, sometimes off-line, to create a written business plan that will satisfy funding or partner requirements.


After the plans are made and the business is started, adjustments are needed, based on market, supply and other considerations.  We are there to help you make those adjustment decisions.


More than a software package

You can buy a software package that will print out a business plan based on your inputs.  It is just a piece of paper without any outside guidance to make it viable to potential investors.

More than consultants

Anyone can tell you how to run your business.  Few will run beside you, feel your pain and take the bad with the good.  Our business model is to be invested with you, motivated to make your business succeed so we succeed with you.


Next Steps...

Please contact us.  It will only work if we know that you exist.