Virtual Reality

While I have been following this for some time, it appears that the virtual reality (VR) market is heating up.  There are a number of new players in this space.  The big boys; Microsoft, Google and Samsung are all in it and many new startups see this as a place to be.  I am going to a VR meetup tonight and will give my opinion here after I see the local talent.

Lookup “disruptive innovation” to get a flavor for where this might be going.  In previous technology breakthroughs the time to “disrupt” is about 20 years.  I saw a “heads-up” display in the early 1990’s on the west coast.  It is about due based on my previous statement and historical observations.

We are looking for startups that are going to need financing.  This is where you would need our services and expertise.

I had breakfast at Hutchison PLLC firm ( last week. Anna Tharrington gave a super presentation on Finance 101 for startups.  In her timely presentation to a room of about 25 startups, she outlined the salient topics that are points to be considered as companies progress through rounds of financing.  She also made it painfully obvious that a lawyer can save you headaches and even business failure later in the game by employing them early.  This was no surprise but she was as knowledgeable as any lawyer I have used or talked to on this subject and will be my first go-to.  (there were no animals hurt in this blog and we were not compensated for this shameless product placement)