More Virtual Reality

We (my daughter Mindy and I) went to the VR meetup in the Durham American Underground last night. We saw (and she experienced) two new games. The presenters did a good job showing off their games but the back story was about the capabilities of VR to enter mainstream purchasing. The latest entry is Sony’s PSVR. The count of stations sold was reported at around 2 million.

2 thoughts on “More Virtual Reality”

  1. With the integration of virtual reality into the more commercial mainstream, issues have begun to arise in relation to VR sickness in head-mounted gaming devices.

    1. Yes. Interestingly enough, the early heads-up displays used pulsed red lasers. The “pulsed” and “red” should have been a warning. They reportedly created seizure effects, even in non-epileptic individuals. So, I am not surprised that there may be some non-tested device maladies out there.

      Also, whenever I introduce VR to a newbie I tell them to stand up and put their leg against the edge of a hefty chair, couch or table to minimize the “weightless” sensation which contributes to “VR sickness”. As your brain adjusts to the sensations then you can go without the “training wheels”.

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